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[Filtered from Wakahisa, Noriko--"Moeko"]

... What do you do when someone claims they want to marry you?

Also what's "high-grade" stuff??

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Marry them, creepy kid.

Stuff that costs over a 10,000 Yen. Preferably stuff over 100,000 Yen.

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It is to me! I don't see a point in limiting to a price range. I could be getting a lot more stuff for that.

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If we buy cheap things, we're showing we're horrible and worthless.

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That doesn't make sense. Things are things.

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Depends on how well you know them. As for how well I think you and Moeko know each other, I'd normally go with 'flattered but slightly worried for crazy'. In your specific case, I'd skip the first and double down on the latter.

On the other hand, she seems to hate everyone BUT you, so maybe it's not so bad.

High-Grade is probably her silly notion that anything that isn't somehow in vogue and costing at least ten times what it should is not worth anything.

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I think she might be sick.

That's silly.

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...Sick you say?

Yes, it really is. But that's how she is.

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Yeah! Cause I don't think anyone'd go after me like this if they weren't! But she kept saying no to me calling a doctor!

That might be hard.

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Crazy is a little different from sick. I can't really say much though, not being there and all. Which is probably for the best, she might try to kill me.

It definitely makes things a lot harder for her than they need to be. Though, she seems to have started up a business somehow, so good for her.

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Or you know, we're allergic to poor quality items? I get rashes from cheap cotton and polyester clothing.

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...I'm pretty sure it's mostly in your head.

Though, I suppose in your specific examples it could happen... a poor bleaching agent for the cotton, for instance.

But even then, middle range clothes should be fine. Stuff that costs maybe 5000 yen a pair, not 50000.

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Regardless, we get sick from lack of quality.

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It's not some 'lack of quality'. It's just crappy production. Bad knock-offs don't cause health problems unless they do something stupid, like use lead-based paint. It's not the toy, it's the paint.

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First off, I find you horrifyingly creepy.

Secondly, you will need to spend outrageous amounts of money with Wakahisa.

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Hii! Nice to know!!

I don't think that's gonna happen.

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Then expect any relations with her to end miserably, if you don't start with expensive things.

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... Kay? She's the one who insisted on the whole date thing, so... I dunno.

I just don't want my mom to kill me cause I started wasting money.

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It isn't wasting money if you're forming interactions with her...?

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I usually cough repeatedly and collapse onto all fours!


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That's what I do when someone asks me to marry them.

High grade things are expensive.

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No I know the high grade part at this point.

I meant the reaction to getting married. I don't get it.