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Huh, today's my birthday... that's so weird to think about!

I've been thinking about some things... And I've decided I should really try to learn how to control the whole lightning electricity stuff.

I'm getting tired of not really being able to control it at all. But I don't really know where to start.

How does a person learn to control something that's a part of you??
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So, uhhh...

What does a person do with two evil cards...?
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*It's a pleasant fall evening, as Setsuo leaves the Carden of Eden after a day's work. It's not very busy outside, since it's fairly late.*
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Well, I'm finally out of the hospital! It was... really weird, being stuck in bed like that. I felt like I had almost no energy at all... I didn't even feel like doing anything.

But I think I'm all better, now. I should really get back to work.

... Does anyone know where Noriko-chan is, though? I haven't seen her around...
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I wonder where there're a lot of people going around being electrocuted now?

Sounds kinda dangerous, to me...
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So um.

What's dark mists, and why did they manipulate Noriko-chan?
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[Electric Duel of Family!] )


I've got a headache and I feel like I've been in a daze all day. And apparently some card tried to control me.

That is not a good way to spend my birthday!!
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I got a job!

Now mom will stop bearing down on me every other day about it!
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... Why'd I get chocolates??
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... What do you do when someone claims they want to marry you?

Also what's "high-grade" stuff??
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... so, um.

The stuff from that Labirinto store's supposed to be evil, right?

So what do you do if you've bought a lot of figurines from there?
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... I'm gonna be nineteen tomorrow.

Time really does fly!
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That relative who's shown up recently is really nice! Shiei is his name, right? The one on the community?? He's kinda funny!

I don't like those security guard ladies though-- they don't know what "saying hi" is! I'm kinda glad I'm gonna be leaving really really really soon.

I should figure out how I'm gonna move everything to back home, since I might as well stay there for while I go to the college. I dunno why Shikou didn't do just that when he graduated.
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Huuuh, I keep hearing whispering and stuff like that in my room. It's really weird!

I wonder if the walls are too thin here. This place is nice, but what did they build it with...?
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Wow, these spellcaster figures are pretty cool! The Tempest Magician figure's really well done especially, too-- I like how they did her clothes design and her scythe, and she has such a neat pose, too!

I'm going to set them all up with the other ones with the cards I got from it, too. I got those hard plastic sleeves in order to keep them protected. I've even set up the dresser to hold them all on display! This is gonna look so awesome!!
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I got some more figurines yesterday! They look so nice too! I think I really like how these Catastor and Asmodeus figurines look, especially.

It's really sad though that the only thing of Needle Worm that was available was a keychain... Shikou really needs something more identifiable.
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I got some really awesome figurines from this weird store of Watt Animals. I set them up all nice in front of my mirror, since they seem to fit really well. They're nicely designed, too!

That store was really weird though. It had this strange mirror in there that didn't work right. I wonder what's up with that!
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... Why is it that Shikou will go on a vacation when he decides to, but will always say that he can't whenever me or mom or dad ask him to come with??
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I kinda wonder if something's wrong with Shikoooou.

He seems more irritable sometimes recently! Maybe he isn't happy enough? Maybe it'd help him if mom and dad could actually bring him with when we go on trips...


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