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I think I'm gonna switch from Batterymen to those electrical animals.
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Darn, I was gonna spend time today with Sanshiii seeing as this would be the perfect day to be with him and have fun and make sure he's happy but he managed to get away from me around that video store place! I didn't know he could run that fast if he wanted to, either!

I should think of something to do for him later once I can corner him, hmmmmm...
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... Things are going weird with the viewing screen in a classroom I like to use to study in.

I dunno if I caused that by shorting them out, either.
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... I think I might've short-circuited some lights.
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That was great! I knew mom was wrong about that at least!

Heeey, Sanshiii! Your parents are really nice-- you should be thankful for that!
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I wonder if it's possible to track people's family down without asking them directly. Hmmmmmm...
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... Weird last night!

I wonder what these plans are for.
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That was painful!

I didn't manage to get what I needed to done, though. Guess I'll just try again later!
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I found a really friendly table.

It was very excitable! I hope I can see it again, soon!
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Sanshi's acting kinda gloooomy.

It's really really weird! I hope he's alright!
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... that was a weird study group.

Sanshiiii started talking about odd stuff and Sugu keep giving odd looks and Shikou looked annoyed again and the ironic black sheep sat there and smiled and Saikou looked like they didn't understand a word anyone was saying.

And then Sugu got up and left.

Why would they do that?
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Shikou's acting annoyed, ironic black sheep's acting giddy, Sanshiii's been acting weird, and Sugu keeps staring off into space and not noticing me...

... Are they playing a game or something??
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I've been spending more time with Shikoooouuu recently! It's so nice to actually spend time with him, you know? I think he might be getting kinda tired, though. he's kept looking irritated the past couple days and considering that's Shikou that's kinda screwed up! Right?

I'm thinking that maybe I'll see if mom and dad will actually let him come with for a trip, during the break between the new school year. They always seem to ignore him about that... I'm sure he'd appreciate being able to actually come with, for once!
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That was SO COOL!
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It's so fun spending time with Sanshiii!! I've been dragging him places everyday this week cause he always seems tired now and I wanna at least do stuff with him to make him wanna sleep so he won't be tired and it will help!

... But he always seems to be so irritable about all of this! Always trying to ignore me or not looking at me and never taking off those glasses what is with those glasses anyway he's going to ruin his vision wearing those all of the time!

Maybe I should think about stealing them from him. Then maybe he'll pay attention and have fun and then will have a good night's sleep for once! ... Just gotta figure out how!
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Oooh that was funfunfunfunfun it was so fun dueling Marias like that it was definitely fun but for some reason at the end she took out a hair pin and suddenly things felt hot fire is really hot I think my hair got singed and I got some burns but it was really really fun I should do something like that again!

I wonder how things suddenly felt real at the end though there. It seemed so neat though yes yes!!
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I've been busy busy doing a bunch of work and watching people do that tournament stuff I wonder why they're all doing that tournament stuff I'm not really into tournament stuff but it's fun to watch it during the day sometimes when I don't have homework to do but it's mostly WORKWORKWORK I wonder if I should get Shikooouuu to help me with it sometimes but he hasn't been around he's been with mom and dad but I think he'll be around soon again...!

Also I should speak more with Sanshiii I want to go have fun with him again so we can go to a theme park and go on rides and laugh at things and talk and be a happy family that would be so amazing, wouldn't it??
... Now I really want to go I wonder who else I could drag along to it SANSHIII WE'RE GOING TO A THEME PARK SOMETIME, kay??
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Wow that was really weird yesterday yesterday there was this kid they seemed neat I wanted to spend time with them and play games to do stuff and help them find their mom but they got all weird and threw things at me like owls and bees and more bees and bleach and hair dye it was really weird I don't get it!!

... It took me a long time to get the smell out too, but it's gone and made me hair look a bit funny! All these weird blotches from where the bleach hit and the dye make it look weird.

... I hope more washing gets it out!!

....... OH RIGHT, SHIKOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, I got a call from mom that you should probably know about!!!
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Yesterday was so much fun with Sanshiiiiii I should spend more time with him yeah yeah I even spent time with him today though he was mad I think something happened before I got there he kept trying to get me away but that's alright I know that someone like him just needs some quality time spent with his family so I should totally drag him somewhere tomorrow it would be so great he needs some time outside and then maybe I can get him glasses off so he won't end up walking into things when he tries to escape it will be so wonderful!!

... I should plan stuff out for it!
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Heeeeeeeey!! Things have been busybusybusy recently with me! I've had so much work to do to stay on top of things-- I don't see how Shikou or the ironic black sheep can keep up with this stuff!

But I've finally managed to get better at keeping up with things, so hey! I should do something to celebrate sometime, right??



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