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Well, I'm finally out of the hospital! It was... really weird, being stuck in bed like that. I felt like I had almost no energy at all... I didn't even feel like doing anything.

But I think I'm all better, now. I should really get back to work.

... Does anyone know where Noriko-chan is, though? I haven't seen her around...
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She got arrested.
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Due to her status as an outstanding fugitive with Dark Mist.

She went on a rampage trying to save you and got burned for it, from what I understand. And a G-man from the 12 Dimensions grabbed her while she was down, from how the series of events seem to line up.
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You shouldn't beat yourself up, I think. It would probably infuriate her if you did.

And I'm looking into trying to get her back.
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... Well, have you ever heard the term "Ettosyleit"?
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Well, it would be a great help if we can figure out what it means.