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A Bolt of Lightning Strikes in the Forest...

No one's around, does the thunder make a sound?

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Name:Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄]
Birthdate:Oct 23
(( Name: Samasu Setsuo (( 狭間朱, 雪雄 - Cramped Space Scarlet, Snow Male Animal ))
Age: 26 (Birthday - October 23rd)
Gender: Male
Description: Short black hair, just above the middle of the neck, tanned skin, greenish-blue eyes, and of fairly short stature. Almost always seen wearing gloves, and at the same time, almost always looks relatively cheerful.

Abilities (In any) : Electrokinetic abilities, mostly focused on coming from the hands. Has very little, if any, control over this, but is well aware of it. Is of a fairly high intelligence. Duel spirit sight.

In-Depth Explanation: Is capable of electrokinesis, but has little to no control over his abilities. He has no known trigger, and it seems to be a constant current within his body, peaking in power at his hands.

Is required to touch what he wants to shock, though his body conducts the same current, though in smaller amounts, lightly shocking anyone who touches his bare skin. ))
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