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[Closed Event]

*It's a pleasant fall evening, as Setsuo leaves the Carden of Eden after a day's work. It's not very busy outside, since it's fairly late.*

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[Someone in a hoodie brushes by Setsuo - and they hold an arm out in front of him, with a card in it.

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon.]

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[She flips up her hoodie. And she has a very sheepish expression on her face. Her other hand comes up and waves a little with her fingers.]


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We. Me and Galaxy-Eyes. We looked at her memories. To try and figure some stuff out.

...we found out that. Things were different than we originally thought.

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...basically. We realized that the incident that she was imprisoned for wasn't her fault.

But...someone, somewhere wanted to have her take the fall for it. So they falsified evidence. And they used it to get Galaxy-Eyes to hunt her down. And that's what Galaxy-Eyes remembered when she landed in this world, so...

...that's why I went after Thunder Spark.

[She bows her head.]

I know it doesn't make up for what we did to both of you. But we're both sorry.

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[An apparition of a ghostly blue dragon appears behind Alex.]

"She spent a long time imprisoned. I think she's simply glad to receive any kind of validation."

[The dragon doesn't sound happy.]

"I don't deserve for either of you to accept it. So if you don't want to, it's fine. But Alexandra was only acting on bad information she received because of me."
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"Hrnph. As you wish."

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Oh. Um. I thought. You might want this, too.

[She gives Setsuo three copies of another card:

Photon Raikiri
Level 4
Once per turn: You can attach as many "Photon Raikiri" from your hand as possible to one face-up "Number" Xyz Monster on the field. If there is a "Photon Raikiri" in your graveyard, you can release this card you control; destroy 1 face-up Spell or Trap card on the field.]

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Galaxy-Eyes and I talked it over. We think it'd be more useful with you and Thunder Spark, and...we think it's what the card would want as well.

Also... [She grimaces and holds up another card: Superior Dora.]

....I think I should probably leave this with you too.

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It's my fault she got taken, okay? It wasn't even...for a good freakin' reason, it's cause they thought she was someone else...

...I'll get her back.

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I had some pretty bad tunnel vision at that time.

I wanna make up for it, if I can, I guess. Plus the guy that took her...I gotta score to settle with him.

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Just...gimme a little time to find him. And to make sure I'm strong enough that I can fight him.

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I...I'm sure she is. Noriko's pretty valuable to them and they think she's Noriko, so they're probably not gonna do anything drastic, y'know?