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So um.

What's dark mists, and why did they manipulate Noriko-chan?
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A super-duper bad member of the Number Cards.

And we dunno, but it was using her for some reason.
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Having her hand out belts that let people turn into Xyz Monsters, and cards that let people make grossly strong Xyz Monsters while letting out the worst in them and allowed them to make fake Dark Games.
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We don't know, probably some complicated end game.

She got to get rich off a lot of people's suffering for it.

... and to be fair, i would of too, a long time ago...
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Dunno. That's really up to me and you at this point, and if Onni wants to hold charges against her.
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She's my body and your loved one, so...
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That'll be between the two of us to decide.

And she did. Very very very bad.
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... A room at my house. A perfectly safe room.
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You're welcome to come.

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Realistically speaking, it depends on how much was Moeko and how much was Dark Mist. If she was at least cognizant of it, she'll probably have to deal with some conspiratorial charges. If not, its likely she'll get released following a mental evaluation under the Mind Control and Manipulation clause.

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...She'll have to face conspiratorial charges that will be connected to Dark Mist, how bad these are depends on how bad Dark Mist's endgame is. And after that. Well. SpecInv is about reintegration, so we wouldnt be jailing her, but wed have to help rehabilitate her so she wouldnt be trying something like that again.