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Of course he was worried.

Shikou stood in front of the door to Setsuo's dorm room, a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't that he wasn't worried-- he was certainly worried. He was worried about what that preditiction meant for Setsuo. What those predictions meant for a lot of people.

But... Setsuo was not always the most comfortable one to speak to. He can be pushy. Clingy. Intimidating, really. Something about him would... Put Shikou on-edge.

But he can't afford to be afraid. What if something was wrong? Or maybe... what if Setsuo had one of those cards? It was bad enough that he could not get them away from Shiroko just yet. He could only figure that being possessed by those Number cards... caused one to create logical reasons in their mind to keep them, even if they know they are being influenced.

So what would happen if Setsuo has one of them? He looked down at his duel disk he brought with him. Given how this is meant to be a "tournament", the secret must be in dueling, right? It seemed to work with that girl who thought she was a pirate, at least... He shakes his head. He'll have to swallow his uneasiness.

He knocks on the door, and does not even get three knocks in before it opens, Setsuo peeking out his head and smiling widely.

"Shikou! You actually came and saw me!"

Shikou looked a bit sheepish, laughing a bit. "Ah... Yes, I did. I was hoping to see how you were doing. Do you mind...?"

"No, not at all, come in!" Setsuo opened the door all the way, allowing Shikou in. He seemed to be bright and cheery, which wasn't odd. Shikou almost seemed a bit relieved by their optimistic attitude. Maybe there really wasn't anything wrong.

"You don't usually come and see me, you know! Especially on this kinda day."

Shikou did pause momentarily before realizing it-- oh, yes, it is that day, isn't it.

"Well, even if I don't like my birthday, it doesn't mean I can't see you on yours, does it?" Shikou looked around the room as he had entered. Setsuo had gained a fondness for Duel Monsters figurines for some odd reason quite some time ago. Namely, figurines that had connections to the people that were known, as well as to family members. Many of them were in display cases he had bought specifically for that purpose-- though he did also say it was to shut some of them up. Whatever that meant...

He heard the door close and click, as he turned around, a bit questioningly at Setsuo. He saw his hand on the door's lock. "... Mm? You don't need to lock it, I would think."

"Is there something wrong with me locking it? You should stay a while, you know! We never talk." Setsuo stepped forward towards Shikou. "You always tend to be all busy, you know? Whenever I come by to see you, you're never in. Or if I try to contact you, you're doing something, you know?"

Shikou felt a bit guilty. That was true-- though that usually was because he was busy. This was going to be his last year at the college until he finally got his own place. Working at Labirinto had at least given him a bit more money to finally be able to start planning it out, though Noriko's current situation had hindered things...

"So why should I let you leave, then?"

For some reason, those words sent a wave of uneasiness through Shikou. "What do you mean? I'll have to leave eventually. You know that."

Setsuo shook his head though, that same bright and cheery smile taking on a bit of an ominous feeling. "No, you don't. I think you should just stay forever, you know. I never get to spend time with you anymore, Shikouuuu." He took another step forward, as Shikou stepped back, raising his arms. Setsuo took notice of the duel disk.

"Oh, hey, you brought your disk? We should duel, then! I have a really cool card I want to show you!"

Shikou blinked, taken off-guard by that. "A "really cool card"...?"

Setsuo nodded energetically, grabbing his own disk and deck. "Yep! But no seeing until I use them, okay??" Shikou could only wonder what this meant, but Setsuo's decision to possibly hold him hostage essentially meant that something might actually br wrong-- this card he's mentioning...

"Let's start, then!" Setsuo, ignoring the fact that they were inside like this, activated his disk. Shikou sighed a bit, activating his own. Well, at the least, he probably wouldn't be able to cause any disturbances through the Solid Vision... "Fine, then. I'd like to see this card of yours."

"Then I'll start! Draw!" Setsuo drew his cards, grinning. I normal summon Pahunder (1300/600), and then I normal summon Mahunder (1400/700) using Pahunder's effect to have an additional summon each turn! Turn end!

Magenta and green figures appeared, their hair made of sparking electricity as they stood side-by-side, hands glowing and crackling with a constant stream of lightning. Shikou blinked a bit in surprise. He thought Setsuo used exclusively Watt Animals, now...? He shook his head, drawing.

"I shall make my move, then. Activate, Level Limit - Area B." Gravity shifted around the field, as Mahunder and Pahunder were forced to defense, struggling against the invisible weight upon them.

"Then, activate Gold Sarcophagus. Remove Necroface." The disturbing monster appeared and vanished into the casket, as the top five cards of their decks vanished into the void: D.D. Warrior Lady, Gold Sarcophagus, Dimensional Fissure, Needle Worm, D.D.M. -

Different Dimension Master. Recycling Batteries, Recycling Batteries, The Calculator, Thunder Seahorse, Zaborg. Definitely seemed like Setsuo's moved away from any sort of pure Watt deck... Perhaps that's better, though.

Shikou then set a monster.

"I end my turn."

Setsuo pouted a bit, drawing. "You think your Level Limit's gonna stop me?" Shikou smiled slightly. "I can certainly hope."

"Well, keep hoping! Activate Pot of Duality!" He picked up his cards-- Sishunder. Zaborg. Recycling Batteries. He chose the Sishunder as the other two cards returned to the deck, signifying the end of his turn.

Shikou drew, wondering. Setsuo obviously had something planned. But what...? Why those monsters in particular? He found it striking though how Setsuo was using them-- the Thunder Family cards. Setsuo always had a fondness for family over anyone else...

"I'll activate Gravekeeper's Servant, and set a monster, Setsuo. I end my turn."

Setsuo grinned, drawing. "It's all cause you won't attack, you know. You're gonna leave yourself wide open! But if that's the case, then I'm gonna go ahead and show my cool card! Summon, Sishunder! (900/400)"

A red figure joined the two other monsters, forced down as well by the gravity upon the field. Shikou didn't have time to wonder though, but realized that his suspicion was accurate as soon as Setsuo said: "I construct the Overlay Network!"

His three monsters became lights surrounding a new monster, a glowing 91 appearing on Setsuo's hand. "Family has an electric bond that can only become more powerful! XYZ Summon, Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon! (2400/2000)"

The monster appeared on the field, electricity crackling around them-- enough to make Shikou's finer hairs stand on-end. Shikou grit his teeth, though. It was definitely a Number. That means he had to get it away from Setsuo, one way or another. Setsuo seemed to be oblivious to the gravity of the situation though, as much as the monster was to the Level Limit.

"I attack your right-set monster!" He discarded his top card: Mahunder, as Thunder Spark Dragon built up electricity in their mouth, blasting the defenseless card. However, Setsuo frowned when he discovered what card it was: Morphing Jar #2, its' spirit laughing mirthfully.

"We shall return our monsters to their respective decks now." Shikou picked up his monster-- D.D. Warrior Lady, and returned it, as Setsuo regretfully returned his monster, the three Family cards going to the grave. The 91 on his hand vanished. "That isn't nice. I didn't even get to really use it..."

Shikou picked up his card-- D.D. Scout Plane, as he set it. "You shouldn't use a monster like that, Setsuo. It's one of those Number cards. They're dangerous."

Setsuo shook his head though, disregarding it. "End turn!"

Shikou drew, adding his removed Necroface to his hand. He looks over his hand, thinking.

"First, I activate One Day of Peace." They both drew, a serenity of sorts settling over the field. "Then, I summon Me'er the Horned Beast. (800/1600)" The dark horned monster appeared on the field, weighed down by the gravity of Shikou's own card-- not that it concerned him. He wasn't going to attack anytime soon. "I then activate Gold Sarcophagus and remove Morphing Jar from play. I end my turn."

Setsuo drew, as wind picked up around them, Shikou's cards shuddering. Shikou realized what was coming, and braced himself for... "Heavy Storm!" He knew it. The onslaught ripped through his Level Limit and Gravekeeper's Servant, leaving his backrow empty. "I'll summon Sishunder! Remove from play Pahunder in my graveyard. I end my turn and add him to my hand!"

He must be building up to summon that Number again... Shikou drew. He can at least put up a hefty defense. "Summon, D.D. Scout Plane! (800/1200) Flip-summon. D.D. Scout Plane! Tuning!" Me'er roared as the Scout Planes turned into stars, revolving around them.

"All is under your domain. Synchro summon, Vortex King! (1000/2900)" A spiked black throne appears on the field, as a silver-haired masked man sat in it, his long outfit a simple grey. However, the aura around him was intimidating, despite his defensive stance, as though judging. Challenging. Shikou felt a bit tense at them-- he never really liked summoning Vortex King. But their defensive power should not only stop most attacks, but if he's destroyed, there's more of a risk to Setsuo...

Vortex King gestured his hand, as two cards vanished from the top of Setsuo's deck: Sishunder and Photon Lead. "The effect of Me'er the Horned Beast activates! When sent to the graveyard for a Synchro Summon, you must discard two cards from the top of your deck. Turn end!"

Setsuo drew, giving a suspicious look at the Vortex King on the field. "That thing isn't good."

"... What do you mean?" Shikou questioned, curious. 'Isn't good?' It certainly wasn't, but Setsuo never gave mention to it...

"It isn't good! It feels... Weird. I'm going to get rid of it, okay?" He summoned two monsters: Pahunder and Pahunder, as once more they overlaid, the 91 returning to Setsuo's hand. "Family has an electric bond that can only become more powerful! XYZ Summon, Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon!" The dragon reappeared, roaring, as Shikou-- Shikou swore that Vortex King was glaring at the monster. It really did not like them...

"Now, activate Thunder Spark Dragon's effect! I remove all three materials on them to destroy every other face-up monster on the field!" Shikou didn't expect that, admittedly, as the Dragon swallowed the three lights surrounding it, power building up in its' mouth as it breathed the electrical beam out at Vortex King, hitting him. However, the Vortex King simply removed his mask as he was hit, the black hole of his face warping the area around him, as it absorbed the top eight cards of Setsuo's deck. Mirror Force, Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, Thunder of Ruler, Thunder Seahorse, Thunder Seahorse, Mystical Space Typhoon, Pot of Duality, Wattfox...

However, he was undeterred by the loss of cards. "I activate Pot of Avarice! I return Mahunder, Mahunder, Sishunder, Pahunder, and Pahunder to the deck." Setsuo's deck then shuffled as he drew twice, pointing at Shikou. "I attack directly! Bonding Blast!"

The Dragon opened it's mouth, sending the discharge at Shikou-- he didn't expect it to feel so electrifying, especially given how duels tend to be, but it nearly paralyzed him for a bit, his muscles going tense. His LP lowering to 5600.

"I end my turn, Shikouuu."

Shikou straightened himself up, drawing, gaining the Morphing Jar to his hand. He couldn't do much with any of the cards in his hand... So he simply set the Morphing Jar and a single card, ending his turn.

Setsuo drew though, laughing a bit. "I know what that issss! You're kinda obvious, you know, Shikouuu? You don't do anything really surprising! I'll take the cards, though. Set three cards! And then summon, Mahunder, and summon Mahunder after that!"

The two monsters appeared on the field, as three cards appeared behind them. The first Mahunder rushed in, using her hands to crash at the set monster. As expected, it was certainly a Morphing Jar, as Setsuo discarded a Thunder of Ruler and a Wattfox, drawing, as Shikou rid himself of a Hiro's Shadow Scout and Necroface.

"And now, attack directly! Mother's Bond!" The Dragon sent a wave of electricity from it's mouth at Shikou again, stunning him, as the Mahunder went in and uppercut him with a surprising amount of strength, causing him to fall back. 1800 LP-- this was getting rather low...!

"I'm not done either! Activate the set Recycling Batteries to add two Sishunder to my hand, and then activate the field spell, Luminous Spark! Turn end!" The room became electrically charged around them, the arcs flowing between the cases and casting reflections, powering up the monsters on Setsuo's field.

Shikou forced himself up though, trying to get the feeling back into his arms and legs. "W... why are you even doing this...?"

Setsuo blinked innocently, tilting his head. "Why? I'm not doing anything, though. I'm just having fun with you, you knowwww? We never get to play together, anymore... People don't really like me, so I don't get to play with them either. And you're the only one in the whole family who seems to let me talk to them..." Setsuo looked down slightly. "Are you not having fun? I think it's fun! To be able to actually duel with you again! Even if I have to make sure you can't leave... We can have fun as long as we need to!"

Shikou felt himself frowning. He could at least understand what the issue might be here-- Setsuo was probably lonely. He wasn't exactly well-liked or anything. His behavior tended to off-put people, though he'd always insist it was on purpose, to keep bad things away... and admittedly, it had worked for quite a while. He never came across any trouble at the Academy... But Shikou guesses that as a result, Setsuo's attention got rather... focused, didn't it? He sighed a bit, but then smiled at him, forcing himself to move despite the numbness. If Setsuo wanted him to have fun, then have fun he will.

"Yes, of course I'm having fun. Don't worry about that."

Setsuo seemed satisfied by the answer, as Shikou drew. "You are not the only one who gained from my Morphing Jar, however. Activate, Soul Absorption! And then activate my set Soul Release!" The card flipped up, as the spirits of Me'er, Necroface, D.D. Scout Plane one and two, and Morphing Jar #2, appeared-- and then vanished into the void. Shikou's LP shot up to 4300, as Necroface's effect activated, casting more cards from their decks. D.D. Scout Plane, Gravity Bind, Macro Cosmos, Kuraz the Light Monarch, Delg the Dark Monarch. Sishunder, Pahunder, Pahunder, Wattfox, Rai-Mei... The energies of these monsters feeding into Shikou's LP, rising it to 9300.

"Now that I am a bit safer, there... Activate D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation! Discard D.D. Warrior to special summon D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master, and then discard One Day of Peace to special summon Vortex King!"

Once more, the the throne appeared on the field, as the King took his defensive seat, D.D.M. stanced next to him. "And now, to finish my turn. Set one card, and activate Card Destruction."

Setsuo frowned, discarding his hand. Sishunder, Sishunder, Rai-Mei, Photon Lead, Rai-Mei, The Calculator... and then draws his cards. He then drew as Shikou ended his turn, then realizing that it was his last card. Setsuo looked from the hand to the field, thinking, wondering. Would there really be any way to turn this around? In only one turn?

No, not with the cards he had. Even if he attacked D.D.M., it wouldn't be enough to make even a scratch...

He then grinned, putting his hand onto his deck's slot. "I forfeit. That was great, Shikou!" ... but then he collapsed suddenly, causing Shikou to exclaim in alarm, as Thunder Spark Dragon's card floated off of the duel disk, heading towards Shikou. It took all of his effort to move quickly enough to grab it, as he stared at the card, and then at the passed out Setsuo, giving it a glare. He'd have been tempted to tear it apart, but something told him... That would not be a good idea. He pocketed it instead, and moved to revive Setsuo, as the monsters vanished, unaware of Vortex King's lingering for just a few moments more than the rest.


I've got a headache and I feel like I've been in a daze all day. And apparently some card tried to control me.

That is not a good way to spend my birthday!!

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