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... so, um.

The stuff from that Labirinto store's supposed to be evil, right?

So what do you do if you've bought a lot of figurines from there?

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Exorcise 'em.

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... Do you know any good exorcists??

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You bought figurines? Hmm, well, have they done anything odd?

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... I think a few of them have talked to me.

Mainly the Tempest Magician one and the Zumwalt one.

They're in thick-glassed cases instead.

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What did they say when they talked to you?

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Just stuff about me growing up and how people will end up pushing me to act my age anyway.

Silly stuff like that!

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Hmm, well the fact that they're talking is enough to make me feel really suspicious about them.
You should probably get rid of them to be on the safe side.

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... All of them? Or just the ones who've talked to me?

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If you got all of them from Labirinto, then you should probably get rid of all of them.