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Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄] ([personal profile] lightning_strke) wrote2010-10-22 11:34 am

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... I'm gonna be nineteen tomorrow.

Time really does fly!

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... You're older than me?

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Ya-huh. What did you think I was?

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More like fourteen, to be blunt.

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Five years off isn't too bad! It's still in the teens!

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That is. One way to put it.

We should do something then, tomorrow.

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... You actually want to do something?

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Not at all! Just completely unexpected!

We should obviously go everywhere!

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... Everywhere might be a stretch.

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No, too late, we're going everywhere.

See you tomorrow afternoon, Seichiiii!

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Wow! Nineteen? You're right, time really does fly!
Happy birthday for tomorrow!!

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Hee, thanks!

I'm kinda surprised, honestly. I really don't feel like nineteen.

... which I guess is obvious!

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Haha! Well, I think it's good to feel younger than you are!

Oh, also, you happen to know a lot of your relatives yeah? Do you have a relative who has long dark hair and green eyes who possibly works in or co-owns a shop?

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... Um... I know one with short black hair, but that's Sanshi's dad...

... Oh, wait! I think I remember seeing one actually with long hair! Around the shopping district, I think? I couldn't tell immediately that they were related, so I didn't pay too much attention...

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Yeah, that's where I saw them too. I wanted to ask them some more questions about an incident that happened down there a few days ago, but they gave me the slip before I could. He seemed to suggest that he works in a shop in the area, just not sure which one... there's a lot of shops around there.

They might not be a relation of yours either, but there are some similarities, so I thought I'd ask and see if you knew anyone like that! Thanks anyway!

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No problem! If I figure anything else out, I'll be sure to tell you!

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... Um. Excuse me. But I think I know who you're talking about.

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Oh? If you do, that'd be pretty helpful!

Ahh, don't think we've met yet either! I'm Yuuki Juudai!

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I'm Samasu, Seichi. Nice to meet you, Yuuki.

The one you described-- or at least one I'd know who'd be a worker at a store, is named... Shian, I think? He works at a store owned by my sponsor for attending the Duel Academy. "Compliant Rose".

That one that did that odd advertisement on the school community. ... Actually, I think he's the one who did the advertisement itself.

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I see... Shian and "Compliant Rose"... looks like I'll be giving that store a little visit soon then!
Thanks for the help, Seichi!

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No problem. Always glad to assist.

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You don't seem 19.

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Well of course I'm not! I'm eighteen right now!

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You really do seem 14. You sure you're 18 or 19 or whatever?

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Ya-huh! Definitely going to be.

I even have a birth certificate thing.

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That's cause I don't like acting my age.

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Why not? Acting your age is boring and makes you feel obligated to be all responsible or something.

I don't wanna feel like I need to be obligated for things.

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... Hmm.

Never acted like a kid, really.

So, what do you want for your birthday, Setsuo-kun?

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I like figurines right now, so... I'd like those?

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Alright. I can get those from the store.

Though... Anyone besides me harassing you about your age?

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Well, Seichi up there thought I was 14, too... A few people in stores whenever I buy stuff always ask me where my mom is...

[Private to Setsuo]

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You want anything to put people in their place, honey? If they tell you to act your age?

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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... How would I be able to "put them in their place"??

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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Would you like them to act less their age?

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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Um... I dunno!

Actually that sounds like it'd be kinda weird.

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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Well, it'd make them see things from your point of view, I guess. And I guess you're getting sick of being told to act your age?

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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Actually uh, I don't get told a lot to "act my age".

I just get told a lot that I act like I'm a little kid, so a lot of people don't believe me when I say I'm older!

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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... Huh. Weirdos.

Anyways. I'll get you a couple figurines.

Re: [Private to Setsuo]

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They are!