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Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄] ([personal profile] lightning_strke) wrote2010-07-23 09:23 pm

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Huuuh, I keep hearing whispering and stuff like that in my room. It's really weird!

I wonder if the walls are too thin here. This place is nice, but what did they build it with...?

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... What place?

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Oh, the honors dorm. Like I said, it's really nice! Big too! It's usually quiet, but..

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... Honor dorms? I don't think I've seen them.

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They're kinda out of the way, but it's pretty much the dorm above Blue.

Which is why it's usually quiet, but I keep hearing stuff. I wonder if more people got in?

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If they did, then I haven't heard about them. Maybe I should try to track them down sometime!

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... By the way, what's happened with you, huh?? Weren't you gonna come by and look at my figurines?

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Yeah! You even asked if you could!

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Though... Nothing bad's happening to you, right? If you forgot that... Are you busy with stuff?

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Just a dumb boy was using me as a sex object.

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::So, Setsuo, dear. You're in your room. Could we please give your opposing party an overview of your room, so we may proceed?::

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*Of course!

It's a pretty average honor dorm room-- or at least what is average by their standards. It's pretty clean except for a couple study books and some cards strewn around on the bed, which he's probably sitting on right now. He even has a small table set up to write down notes on.

The one really decorative point is a display area set up on a dresser with a mirror, which is where all of the figurines are set up on. Watt Animals in the front, Spellcasters in the back (with their cards resting up against them in hard plastic sleeves), and everything else in general set up in the middle.*

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*...? He looks around for a moment. Did he hear something...? Maybe it's people from next door.*

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It must be nice to act like a brat.

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*... shifts himself where he's sitting, trying to listen for where it's coming from. That stuff sure sounds mean...*

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Aren't you a bit old to be playing with toys~?

::It seems to be coming from the area with your figurine collection.::

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*... closes his book, and gets out of bed. The wall where the dresser is...? He walks up to it, staring at the wall blankly.*

... Just how thin is this...?

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How much of an idiot are you?

::Yeah, it's definitely coming from this area.::

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... Maybe someone's arguing with someone...?

*... sorta knocks on the wall, to try to see if he gets a reaction*

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I'm arguing with you, you little prick.

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*!? That. That's the last reaction he'd figure he'd get from knocking on the wall.*

... Hello...?