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Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄] ([personal profile] lightning_strke) wrote2010-07-13 01:53 am

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Wow, these spellcaster figures are pretty cool! The Tempest Magician figure's really well done especially, too-- I like how they did her clothes design and her scythe, and she has such a neat pose, too!

I'm going to set them all up with the other ones with the cards I got from it, too. I got those hard plastic sleeves in order to keep them protected. I've even set up the dresser to hold them all on display! This is gonna look so awesome!!

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It sounds pretty.

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It really is! They did nice detail on all of them, but the Tempest Magician really stands out!

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... Could I come over to look at it?

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Yeah! I'd actually like it if you did! It'd be nice if someone could come and see them!

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