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I got some more figurines yesterday! They look so nice too! I think I really like how these Catastor and Asmodeus figurines look, especially.

It's really sad though that the only thing of Needle Worm that was available was a keychain... Shikou really needs something more identifiable.

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... "Identifiable"?

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Yeah! I mean Sanshi and Shiroko and the sort have really identifiable monsters to them, but you only really have Necroface and Needle Worm, and there aren't figurines of either of those!

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... ... Why are you getting figurines of monsters that... Others use, Setsuo?

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Why not? I like people, and it's easy to have figurines of their monsters to think of them by.

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Well I like them.

I should look into what other people use, too... Maybe see what the ironic black sheep uses, and Suguru. I could have figurines for the whole family!

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... If you say so... Enjoy yourself, then?

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Of course I will!

Maybe I'll ask about D.D. Scout Plane next time I'm there-- you use that, right?

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Ah... Yes, I do.

You don't need to get anything, though.

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... Was worth a try, at least.

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... Why would you want a figurine of Asmodeus... it's hideous. Needle Worm, doubly so.

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Because Asmodeus reminds me of Shiroko, and Needle Worm reminds me of Shikou, of course!

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I'm in the same dorm as her, I've dueled against her, and she's Shikou's girlfriend!

Of course I know her! She's really odd though. I've never seen someone wield a door shut before.

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Aren't... boys and girls in separate dorms?

... Wield a door shut?

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We're in the honor dorm. It's a co-ed dorm.

Yeah! She wielded a door shut when I went to go duel her!

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It's not that weird.

I think according to her little sister, she thinks I'm the devil or something silly like that.

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... Why would Shiroko think that?

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How odd.

Then again, Shiroko always has been odd.

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She. Is. For the most part.

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Yes. I'm... I think I am... one of her best friends. Or was.

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She's. Ignored me since... December or so of last year? Maybe earlier. My... memory is fuzzy.

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That's sad. I'm sure you're pretty nice, so who knows why she'd do that!

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I think it has to do with that woman who's using my name.

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... Professor... Wakahisa is it?

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Isn't she that really weird psyche teacher?

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Well, that's no reason to ignore you. Shiroko should be ashamed of herself if she's ignoring you over a weird psyche teacher!

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Well. She and Kouji both are.

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Then they both should be ashamed!

Whoever Kouji is.

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Very odd rich girl. She has raven wings.

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Well I don't know everyone at the school, so it's natural to figure that!

There's a loooooot of people here, after all.

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Except she's been loudly announcing squishing people.

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I don't really notice people who go and try to make themselves stand out on purpose.

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Then that might be why I don't know them!

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