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Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄] ([personal profile] lightning_strke) wrote2010-05-19 11:31 pm

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I got some really awesome figurines from this weird store of Watt Animals. I set them up all nice in front of my mirror, since they seem to fit really well. They're nicely designed, too!

That store was really weird though. It had this strange mirror in there that didn't work right. I wonder what's up with that!

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Weird mirror, huh? ... Hey. You.

You didn't see a girl with black hair and gold eyes sweeping the store in there, did you?

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Huh? ... ... ... Yeah, I did! I thought they looked pretty familiar too!

Do you have a twin sister? Huh??

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That's another sighting. Hrrn...

No, I don't. If you see them again, say it.

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Huuuh. Alright, Suguruuu!

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Sounds very high quality.

Did the Mirror look like a skull hand mirror?

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They are!

No, not really. It was big and more full-body.

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I'm Wakahisa Noriko, by the way.

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That's a familiar name! Really nice, too.

I'm Samasu, Setsuo. You can just call me Setsuo, though!

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Due to the professor with the same name.

Alright, Setsuo. You can call me whatever you want, it appears.

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Yeah, that one! She's kinda creepy. Shikou likes her for some reason though.

What would you wanna be called? I just prefer my given name cause there's a lot of "Samasu"s around here...

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I don't like her for having my name.

... Noriko. Honorifics would be nice. Ms. Noriko, I guess...?

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That's gotta be kinda weird, yeah!

Alright, Ms. Noriko.

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It is strange, Mr. Setsuo

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Just "Setsuo" is fine, I'm not really the kind you'd go and put "Mr." in front of anyway.

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Then just call me Noriko.

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Haah, alright, Noriko!