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... Why is it that Shikou will go on a vacation when he decides to, but will always say that he can't whenever me or mom or dad ask him to come with??

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Probably so he and Big Sis can get all lovey dovey kissy wissy.

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... Couldn't they just do that here though?

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More lovey dovey kissy wissy.

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... But it doesn't mean that he should go off and have one when he kept rejecting anything else!

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Big Sis Shiroko says he feels bad alot. Maybe that has to do with it.

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Maybe, but wouldn't going on a vacation with his family help him not feel bad all the time? It makes no sense!

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I don't think so, if what my big Sis says about you is true.

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... What does she say about me?

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That you're a demon lord wrought from the depths of hell disguised as a person.

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That's only because I managed to get to her to do that duel when she welded her window and door shut.

She really shouldn't have, that stuff is expensive for the school to fix, I think.

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I think I was still there...

But... she was doing it 'cuz yer a psycho. Or something.

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I'm not a psycho! I just wanted to have a duel!

If I were a psycho, I just would've electrocuted her.

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Well, you were, kinda insanely obsessed on getting it, Mister Man.

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I think she was kinda insanely obsessed with keeping me out though.

You gotta be equal to the one you're up against, after all. And the duel ended up being really fun!

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Just saying. You're kinda creepy.

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I also point out that none of that weird stuff that seems to happen to everyone else ever doesn't happen to me.

Like aliens.

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Big Sis has a theory for that:

You cause it.

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I don't even know how I'd cause stuff like that.

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I'm just parroting what she says because I don't know better.

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Oh, okay! I know how that is!

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Because he's not really Shikou.

He's a Skrull.

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... Someone replaced Shikou with some weird thing I've never heard of?

Guess I know what I'll do when I see them, then!

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Skrulls are alien shapeshifters. They're conquerors. Like Mongols on crack.

Shikou's probably on a Skrull ship somewhere being gangprobed. You'll have to beat the coordinates out of the Skrull impersonating him.

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Hmmm... Aliens huh? Okay!

But how do you know that? Huh??

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I have Skrull detecting goggles.

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Oh, okay!

Because I think you might be an alien yourself, cause how else would you know so much about the aliens, huh?

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No no no. I'm just a psychic. I'm a good guy.

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... Can you make stuff float or something? Or read people's minds?

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Ehhh, kinda. I can't read minds.

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Aww, that would've been kinda cool though! ... But I guess it'd be kinda weird too. But still cool!