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Samasu, Setsuo [狭間朱, 雪雄] ([personal profile] lightning_strke) wrote2010-03-30 08:35 pm

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I kinda wonder if something's wrong with Shikoooou.

He seems more irritable sometimes recently! Maybe he isn't happy enough? Maybe it'd help him if mom and dad could actually bring him with when we go on trips...

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... I'm not that irritable...

You know why I don't go onto those trips.

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Yeah you are! You look like you're ready to snap at someone or something sometimes!

But that reason's silly. I mean, "don't want to relax"? That's not reason to not be happy and spend time with family!

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... Generally that's very rare, and tends to also be justified, Setsuo...

It's not a very silly reason to me when it's an obligation. Something they and you, know as well.

You really need to stop with attempting to convince me to come. I have things I need to focus on as well, you know...

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You look like you're ready to snap right there though, you know. What's with that outfit in that picture anyway?

Things that could be put to the side to have fun with others!

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... Something that fit with the mood, that's all.

... Setsuo, I don't want to go onto a trip. No matter how pushy you get, if I go anywhere, it will be of my own obligation. Alright?

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It looks weird.

I just want you to be happy! Is that so bad?

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... I also made it by hand.

It is when your attempts tend to make me less than cheerful. If you want me to be happy, stop trying.

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... Well it looks weird and nice!

Fiiine. But you should really try to relax sometime!

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I appreciate the attempt to fix that, but it doesn't really work.

I'll do that once the universe ends again.

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... So does that mean I should try to end the universe or something so you'll be happy?

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Just checking!